Thursday, April 19, 2012

The timeline

It has been a long process, but we're finally near the end of it! The biggest wait was the wait for our child abuse and neglect clearances from Alabama DHR. They had just been done the year before when we went through our other home study! All I know is that is 4 months of John's life that I didn't get to spend with him. The 2nd longest wait was for our LOA, 3 months! So, 14 months total, and believe me, I was a squeaky wheel! It's frustrating and heart-wrenching all at the same time. SO much harder than a pregnancy!!

3/15/11 LOI
3/22/11 PA
4/5/11 first home study visit
4/15/11 second home study visit
4/18/11 third home study visit
5/20/11 meeting at Lifeline
8/31/11 biometric fingerprints for USCIS
9/26/11 I-800a approval
10/27/11 DTC
11/22/11 LID
2/13/12 LOA
3/2/12 I-800 approval
3/15/12 letter from NVC cabled
3/29/12 Article 5 issued
4/11/12 TA
5/1/12 Leave for China!
5/7/12 Gotcha Day!!
5/17/12 CA
5/19/12 HOME

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