Saturday, June 13, 2009

Our Memphis trip (a week late)

Last weekend (after Billy had taken the kids camping for a night) we all traveled to Memphis for Billy's cousin's wedding. It was a rather interesting trip, not in that Ellen pretty much cried all the way there, or just going ANYWHERE with five small children, but that we missed the wedding right off the bat! We went cheap and decided to stay at the Marriott downtown (Priceline, baby!) instead of the Peabody, which is where the wedding reception was held. Anyway, since we didn't know exactly where the church was in relation to the hotel, we thought we would just ask our friendly concierge to help us. Well, we got directions to St. Mary's Catholic Cathedral instead of St. Mary's Episcopal Cathedral. Oh, well...we were told that it was a lovely wedding! Since we had some "extra" time before the reception, we took a tour of downtown in a horse-drawn carriage.

The reception was really beautiful and the kids had a great time, once the Blues band started playing. You should have seen William's moves! Ellen was exhausted after her day of crying, so one of us had to hold her the whole time. (She wouldn't go to anyone else.) So, sorry, no pictures from the reception. Before heading back to our hotel we took the kids to the roof of the Peabody to see the Duck Palace.
We managed quite nicely in one hotel room. The boys slept in sleeping bags on the floor, the girls slept in one bed, Billy and I were in the other bed, and Ellen slept in a portable crib. Full house! I'm glad it was only for one night!
Before going home, we took the kids to Graceland. (It was everyone's first trip!) They enjoyed it more than we thought they would! It was a fun day--not too much whining or fighting!

Down in the Jungle Room...

Dancing to the Wurlitzer..."Hound Dog," I think!

Henry loved the table we scored at lunch!

Ellen's first road trip

In front of the Lisa Marie

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