Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It was a tres, tres Happy Birthday!

Happy 8th birthday, Rebecca! In the short 19 months that you have been our daughter, you have grown and changed so much. You are a beautiful, precious little girl! We love you!
Friday Rebecca had her "special" day at school. She got to bring in some of her favorite things to show the class. I also made a poster full of pictures of her. The class sang "Happy Birthday" to her, and she got to blow out her candles. She was all smiles. Her teacher asked her some questions about her family and what she liked to do, etc. She also asked her where she would go for her birthday if she could choose. Rebecca said, "Chuck E. Cheese." (Oh, wouldn't that have been easier!!) We then went to lunch and Rebecca passed out the homemade cupcakes that I made. (No, I didn't buy them! And they even had lots of sprinkles!)
Granddaddy Bill brought pizza, cake, and ice cream (and presents) on Friday night. Rebecca got a High School Musical outfit, a Pinocchio movie, and a set of Princess sheets. Of course she had to sleep on the sheets that very night!

The big day--her Fancy Nancy party! We had lots of dress-up clothes and, of course, accessories, fancy pink punch in a fancy punch bowl, and "fancy" food--fruit, finger sandwiches and chicken nuggets on crystal trays. The cake was a beautiful 3-tiered pink cake, thanks to Lisa! The girls had their nails done and made a princess wand craft. I only wish we would have had time to make parfaits. We love Fancy Nancy!

Does this color suit me?

The dressing room

The only shot we got of the cake!

Making our wands

Yes! A Hannah Montana nightgown!

Waiting patiently for the cake & ice cream


Doug and Melody Kemp said...


Looks like ya'll had a great time, the cake is beautiful! and all of the decorations. It is evident by the big smile on everyones face the enjoyed the party, especially Rebecca. I wish we could have been there.


Alan and Sheri said...

Hi! Thanks for the comment on our blog - I'm not very good at checking comments, so sorry about the delay.

Rebecca looks so grown up and beautiful! Her party was sweet. . .please let me know her Chinese name - Claire does remember her, but cannot remember her name.