Sunday, March 1, 2009

A party and some snow!

Saturday, Nannie took the kids to see their cousins, Jackson and Evan play basketball. We then met up at our cousin Jordan's 2nd birthday. It was held at a local volunteer fire station, so the kids got to climb on some real fire trucks. They all had a blast! I didn't get picture of the birthday boy; he wouldn't stand still long enough for me to snap his picture! We left there to meet Billy's Grandma at Billy's mother's gravesite. It would have been her birthday too. We then went out to dinner with Grandma. Oh, we had some tired kids in a crowded restaurant!!

What's up with this hat?

We woke up Sunday morning to the first (and likely only) snowfall of the year! Rebecca, spotting the white stuff from her window, came downstairs shouting, "It's snowing in my room!" Check out the fashion footwear: plastic shopping bags! You have to do something to keep those feet dry! The kids came back in for a hot chocolate break and then headed out again. I wasn't feeling well so Ellen and I stayed in where it was warm!

Since snow was covering the roads also, we opted not to drive to church that morning. After a big weekend, we all settled in for a Sunday afternoon nap. We overslept and there was no way to get everyone ready to make it to the evening services. Forgive us for being lazy slacker parents, God! Billy did hold a little Bible study for the kids.

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lvining said...

Oh Emily,
You just took me back to when I was little...My mom ALWAYS made us wear bread bags on our feet in the snow. We hated doing that...but she wanted to keep our feet dry! Thanks for the memory!