Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Lots 'o stuff

On Father's Day we spent time with both our dads while the kids played in Granddaddy's pool.

Couldn't resist posting this one--Look at Vivian's hair! Nice!

At our FCC's annual picnic and "Dragon Boat Races."

We also celebrated Nannie's birthday! Yum, chocolate cake!

We enjoyed a trip last week to the Botanical Gardens. The kids kept cool in the water and rock gardens!

Here are Nannie and Vivian in the butterfly house. Vivian is afraid of all insects, including butterflies! She wouldn't let Nannie put her down and she kept saying, "Go, bu-fie!" ("Go, butterfly!")

There were large dinosaur replicas all over the park. I think Henry asked me every single time we saw one if it was real.

We've had some other outings, but I have not done too well with taking pictures. Billy and the boys went to a big airshow over the weekend. He took some video but no photos.

We're all looking forward to our big vacation! We leave three weeks from tomorrow for Disney World!!! Before you all say we're crazy for taking four small children to central Florida in July, we are taking Nannie with us!! So, either we've got a little sense or she's crazy too!! Hmmm, might have to ponder that one!


Doug & Melody Kemp said...

These are great pictures!!

All the kids look like they are having a ball.

I can not believe how much Rebecca's hair has grown.


Rebekah D. said...

Are y'all copying our summer? First the Botanical Garden and then Disney, and pregnant, too! Take my advice, though, and don't try to move in the middle of all of it. :-)
We're actually in FL right now, halfway through our Disney vacation, and we're having a great time, even with three kids. Vacationing with the grandparents is the ONLY way to go! Y'all will have a blast.

The Princess's Mommy said...

Great pictures!! Love the dinosaur ones! Have FUN at Disney!!!


Green, Party of Four said...

Look at all my babies enjoying a good old time. We need to visit the gardens, looks like tons of fun!

Oh exciting about Disney World. What would we do without our Mom's help. They are wonderful. I want to see lots of pictures.

We head to the beach on Saturday and cant wait.

Green Party of 5ive

The Ferrill's said...

Oh funness! We went to Disney back in 2002 with a 5,4,2,1 yr old and our blind friend...we had the time of our lives!
I've been praying for you! Hope you're feeling GREAT!!!!!!!!